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To accelerate the delivery of next-generation video platforms and transform user experiences, Ericsson integrates MediaFirst TV Platform with the RDK (Reference Design Kit). Known as pay TV at web speed, Ericsson MediaFirst TV Platform is an end-to-end, cloud-based media solution for the creation, management and delivery of video services. The platform embraces all content sources and delivery networks, with the unique ability to deliver live television, video on demand and recorded content across all screens.

Already available on Android and Linux set-top boxes, Ericsson MediaFirst TV Platform now supports set-top boxes based on RDK. The expansion underpins Ericsson MediaFirst as one of the most flexible, cloud-based TV platforms available in the market today, not only helping service providers to bring services to market faster, but match the pace of the market with feature updates every couple of weeks to ensure the products are reflecting the latest trends and behaviors that consumers expect.

MediaFirst TV Platform


Ericsson MediaFirst TV Platform is a software-defined, media-optimized cloud-based TV platform. By virtualizing managed & Over-the-Top (OTT) services, MediaFirst TV affords Pay TV providers the economics, agility and innovation of web-services. MediaFirst TV provides a converged multi-screen experience including Pay TV in-home, TV Everywhere and OTT services. It embraces all content sources and delivery networks.


MediaFirst TV delivers premium TV content to connected devices and offers a personalized experience that learns about the consumer, richer experiences through secondary screens, and integration of social networks and Pay TV to deliver breakthrough consumer experiences that are unbound, immersive and easy to discover and enjoy. MediaFirst TV features an HTML5 application Universal Client, which underpins a seamless and consistent experience across all devices.


MediaFirst TV’s agile PaaS model means you can avoid the cost and effort that traditionally comes from building a TV platform infrastructure. Continuously refined by Ericsson’s software developers and IT experts, MediaFirst’s DevOps delivery is smooth and future-ready.


Freed from the constraints of A/V delivery, it’s easier, and quicker, than ever to deploy new features and services. MediaFirst TV’s open architecture construction allows you to maximize your current technology investments, while providing full flexibility for the future. Data-driven personalization and monetization comes thanks to MediaFirst TV’s big data platform. Innovation is faster than ever, and service management is agile and responsive. Everything is managed from a single platform, including multiple systems, networks and devices. No other cloud-based TV platform is as integrated, or efficient.

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